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Fish Eat Chips | Synthetic Universe

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The Start Screen, the Game Goal, and the Strategies

The Main Game Control Actions



The Fish and Chip Universe

The universe consists of party places, where one can find fish, chips, and spices. You can enter a party place and run a party. The goal of the party is to fill the place with chips!

You can achieve the goal by thoughtfully distributing chips and spices. But beware of fish! They have free will and can join and leave the party as they wish. And they also love chips!

Adding Food to the Party

Party place

When the food appears on the plate, touch any empty cell in the party place and the food will go to the cell.

Types of Food Coming from the Plate

 Chips:  Spices:
carrot ketchup
potato salt

Fish Can Come Anytime


... and leave when they get bored.


Touching fish causes them to move.


Fish cannot join the party if there is no empty cell.


Fish Eat Chips


Fish Avoid Salt


Fish Can Eat Ketchup


... but they dislike it so much, they leave the party.


However, being stupid, they keep doing this again and again.

Fish Can Spawn Eggs


These eggs hatch into fish.


Spices Can Be Traded for Chips

... so long as the spice lays between chips of the same color.
You must touch the spice to trade it.


Touching the spice inappropriately dissolves it.


Some party places have a different 'house rule' for the spice-to-chip trade: the spice must lay between chips of opposite colors: yellow and purple or orange and green. This opposition rule is similar to that of the real-life color spectrum. The same/opposite matching is defined by the match property of the party place (the properties are explained below).




Basic Strategy

To achieve the game goal -- fill the place with chips -- you have to arrange food balancing two main objectives:
(1) use spices to protect chips from being eaten by the fish,
(2) place spices between chips to allow for spice-for-chip trading.

Endspiel or Reckoning

This is the situation when the place is filled with chips and spices. At this point, you have to trade spices for chips to complete the party.

In the case when all spices are arranged properly between chips, trading them for chips is simple and a happy ending is guaranteed! However, if the spices are misarranged, then instead of being traded for chips, the spices get dissolved and fish can enter the party again and start eating chips.

Tip: If there is no free cells, but fish or eggs are present, you can continue playing by touching fish or eggs (causing them to move or hatch).


You are awarded points only if you win -- when the place is completely filled with chips. The points indicate how effective you were at the party -- your efficiency quotient. It equals to the amount of chips currently in the place divided by total amount of used chips (included eaten by fish). Then the result is multiplied by 100 to get a percentage.

Your record points at each party place are shown as the last number in the place title.

During the party, your current efficiency quotient is displayed beneath the party area, to the left. The number of moves you have made is to the right.

General Game Control

The party starts as soon as you touch the Start party button on the Home screen.

The party stops
(1) when the place is completely filled with chips or
(2) when you leave the party by touching the × button (no points awarded in this case).

After the party stops you can return to the Home screen by touching the < button. Touching the result indicator ('Deserted', 'Victory', 'Record') below the party area will also open the Home screen.

Place Topology

The party area is actually a torus -- a plane where the opposite sides are connected. It means that the fish can travel through the right edge straight to left edge, and through the top to the bottom. Or left to right and bottom to top.

The same connectivity applies to the chip matching in trading spices for chips.

Place Properties

The top 5 properties (Species, Parlor, Level, Standard/Edited/New, Record) are combined into the place title. The rest of the properties are displayed (verbally or symbolically) as the place signature beneath the title.

For example:

Cod Tavern • 1st S • 20
★ lazy calm ◔ light less ✪ 10 S

Place Management

Use place management to select a place to party, modify the place properties, or create a new place.

When you touch the Manage places button the place directory will appear. There you can touch the Home button to return to the Home screen, the New button to create a new place, or you can select any place from the directory. In this case the selected place will become the current party place and all its properties will be listed on the next screen.

There you can touch the Done button to return to the directory, the Home button to return to the Home screen, or select the place property. In the latter case, all its available values will be listed on the next screen, where you can select new values for this property.

A few tips regarding place-creation and modification:

Enjoy the game!